Thursday, August 22 2019

Coach Cassi.

Coach Cassi.

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"Turn and Burn"

3 Rounds for time:
50 Walking lunge steps (alternating)
200 meter hill sprint
- rest 2 minutes

Overtime (post-WOD)
2 attempts: Max GHD Plank hold
- we can modify to a plank off our forearms as well

Coaches Notes: Shorter intervals help us increase our overall metabolic capacity in all times of time durations from short - long. Our goal in this workout is to keep our splits within :10 of each other. That doesn't mean sandbag it and go easy, we still want to put the pedal down. Just don't red-line on the first sprint and then allow our intensity to drop. We should be going about an 85% pace for the duration today. The runs will definitely feel a little slower after the lunges, but the point is to get right up after the last lunge and bolt out the door. The walking lunges should be taking under 2 minutes and so should our runs. Have fun with this one and go fast!

Rachel Binette