Tuesday, August 27 2019

Blame no one. Make no excuses. Do something.

Blame no one. Make no excuses. Do something.

Schedule Update

Labor Day - Monday, September 2nd
8:30am and 9:30am Classes, Open Gym until Noon!

Upcoming Events!

Saturday, September 7th - Accountability Kick-Off with Coach Jon!
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Saturday, September 21 - CFCL Internal Throwdown!

One of our favorite events of the year! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters on ONE TEAM, having a BLAST!


"Fast Abs"

10 Rounds for time:
100 meter Sprint
10 GHD sit ups

Coaches’ Note: This one is all about moving fast, continuously. Fast sprints, short fast sets on our sit ups. All of our sit ups should be unbroken. However, don't fall for the trap of just reading the number of reps without looking at the total rounds and thus, volume. 100 reps. This is a high number of GHD reps if that's what we're going for and in order to perform that number today, we need to have accumulated 100 in the past week. If not, modify to 6 per round. That goes for partial range of motion as well. Our sit ups and runs should both be taking under 1 minute to complete.

Rachel Binette