Friday, August 9 2019



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For Load:

Coaches’ Note:

Why do we do heavy days? Do you want to be able to go faster in workouts that have bars on them? Do you want to lose weight, but add muscle and strength? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then making sure we don't miss days is the answer. Intensity isn't always going hard and fast in a workout like Fran with 21-15-9 thrusters and pull ups. Intensity is also putting in every inch of precise thought and determination into each lift of the set you are attempting. The load we lift should be so challenging each set that by the time we are finished, we maybe feel a little light headed after the final lift and need a FULL 3-5 minutes of rest before attempting another set. Our first set SHOULD BE HEAVYYYY. Maybe close to 80% of your best lift and we will go up from there, maybe even find a new 3 RM.

The challenge today will make you stronger in the the long term, but may make you lift less than usual - try and go double overhand for each set.

Make every rep an event today and let’s go into the weekend setting some new PRs!!

Rachel Binette