Monday, September 2 2019



Schedule Updates

8:30am and 9:30am Classes, Open Gym until Noon!

Fall Schedule Begins Friday!
5pm and 6pm Classes on Fridays!

Upcoming Events!

Saturday, September 7th - Accountability Kick-Off with Coach Jon!
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Saturday, September 21 - CFCL Internal Throwdown!

One of our favorite events of the year! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters on ONE TEAM, having a BLAST!


Sunday, September 29 - Mindset Rx’d Seminar!
Get ready to attack the 2019 Open with all you’ve got!


"Double Down"

5 Rounds for time:
80 Double unders
40 Walking lunges, alternating
20 Good-mornings holding a plate (35lbs/25lbs)

Overtime (post-WOD)
2 attempts at a max superman hold on the ground

- As soon as chest or thighs touch, the clock stops.

Coaches’ Note: This workout is designed to keep us constantly moving. Our double unders should be taking us under :90 to complete and we should have the capacity to perform 50 unbroken if we are taking on the 80 today. Our walking lunges should be taking under :90 to complete and our good-mornings should be completed unbroken every round and take no longer than :40 to complete. Find a solid moving pace and stay with it! Happy Labor Day!

Rachel Binette