Sunday, September 22 2019



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Sunday, September 29 - Mindset Rx’d Seminar with Coach Rachel
Want to learn how to take your gym performance to the next level? Learn how to improve confidence, set more effective goals, and gain consistency in the gym!


OCTOBER - Barbell Betties is BACK!
Two great options available for ladies who want to get STRONG together!



"Sunday Scaries"

3 Rounds for time:
30 Push ups
25/20 Calorie row
20 Kettlebell swings (70lbs/53lbs)
- Rest 2 minutes

Coaches’ Note: Interval day. Whatever our push up option for today, we need to be able to complete the number of reps we are going for unbroken in a single set if we were asked to outside of this workout. For our workout today, 3-4 quick sets with minimal (~:10) of rest between each is where we need to be. Each set should not take longer than :90. The 25 calorie row should be something that we can go all out each time and hold close to an 80-90% max effort on and take us under :90 to complete as well. Lastly, the kettlebell swings should be a heavy weight relative to our ability, but since this is a sprint, we should still be able to hold on for all 20 reps each round. Maybe we put it down once on the final round, but that should be it! All the swings should take no longer than 1 minute to complete.

Rachel Binette