Tuesday, September 24 2019

6:30 practices false grip transitions.

6:30 practices false grip transitions.

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OCTOBER - Barbell Betties is BACK!
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Overtime (pre-workout)
2k Row @ 70% pace
- This isn't to establish a new PR
- We are rowing to be thoroughly warmed up and to get some time under tension
- Total time should be under 10 minutes

"Fast Three"
For Time:
GHD Sit ups
Ring Dip
Calorie row

Coaches’ Note: Sprint. The lower rep scheme and moderate loading presented should give us that "copper lung" feeling as soon as we finish. For the set of 25, everything should be unbroken and the loading moderate. The GHDs should take us under one minute. The ring dips should take us about 90 seconds at the most, and the 25 calolrie row should be taking us 90 seconds at the most as well. After that, things speed up and it is time to really put the pedal down. We should all be finishing in under 10 minutes. Ring dips are kipping today (however, we still need the capacity to perform strict ring dips first!!). To go for the written reps, we need the capacity to perform 10 unbroken STRICT ring dips (they don't have to be strict in the workout, but we need the ability to perform them).

Rachel Binette