Thursday, September 26 2019

Scores on the board!

Scores on the board!

Upcoming Events

Intramural Open! Starting October 11th!

Our Intramural Open is back and begins on October 11 with a Friday Night Lights bang! Much like our Throwdown, ALL levels of experience and fitness are welcome to join in on the fun!

OCTOBER - Barbell Betties is BACK!
Two great options available for ladies who want to get STRONG together!




3 Rounds for time:
200 meter Run
- rest :60
400 meter Run
- rest :90
600 meter Run
- rest :30

Coaches’ Note: Today we are again going to focus solely on running and take a break from barbells and gymnastics. Our 200m run should take under 1 minute, the 400 should take under 2 minutes, and the 600 should take under 3 minutes to complete. If we know those times are going to be challenging for us to keep across the workout, we will simply dial the distance down for today. Just because today's effort doesn't look sexy, doesn't mean it won't get us fit. Consistently coming to interval efforts like today will aid in building our metabolic capacity and figure out how long we can hold sustained bouts of intensity before slowing down. This will help us better understand how to manage our pace when we get to more challenging metcons with bars, gymnastics movements, and other metabolic conditioning movements. Don't miss out on the good stuff!!!

Rachel Binette