Monday, September 30 2019

Coach Kris and the 6:30am.

Coach Kris and the 6:30am.

OCTOBER 5th Kickoff! - The Athlete’s System is BACK!
Want to dial in your nutrition for the holidays? This is the program for you!
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Intramural Open! Starting October 11th!

Our Intramural Open is back and begins on October 11 with a Friday Night Lights bang! Much like our Throwdown, ALL levels of experience and fitness are welcome to join in on the fun!


Overtime (pre-workout)
3 Minute AMRAP:
Sled push relay (unloaded)
- 2 sleds, 2 teams, 3-2-1 Go!

then, grab a partner for:

(B) 3 Minutes for quality
Wall balls (10ft target)
- The loading on the wall ball should allow us to maintain about 10 reps in a row! Go back and forth with your partner. Rest as needed.

"Heavy Legs"

For Load
Back Squat

Coaches’ Note: Starting the week off right with some heavy back squats!! Our total time on this effort should fall between 20-25 minutes and we are looking to potentially establish a new 2 rep max if our body is up to it today. Rest wise, we will be resting 2-3 minutes between the set of 6 and 4; 3-4 minutes between the set of 4 and 2; and then 4 minutes between the sets of 2. Same goes for when we go back up the ladder! Put some weight on the bar and get after it!

Rachel Binette