Thursday, September 5 2019



Schedule Update

TOMORROW - Monday, September 2nd
8:30am and 9:30am Classes, Open Gym until Noon!

Fall Schedule Begins Friday!
5pm and 6pm Classes on Fridays!

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SWEAT with Coach Abby! Starts Monday, September 9th!
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"Six to One"

For time:
600 meter Hill run
100' Handstand walk
60 Dumbbell power snatch, alternating (50lbs/35lbs)
10 Bar Muscle ups

Coaches’ Note: Higher skill chipper today. The run should be taking us 2:30 at the most, the handstand walk should take no longer than 3 minutes total and if we are going for this distance today, we need to have the prerequisite capacity to walk at least 25 feet on our hands unbroken. Otherwise, it will take far too long for the purposes of our workout today to finish. The dumbbell power snatch is designed to be a warm up weight, relative to our ability, and something we can pick up and move unbroken for at least 20 reps. The 60 reps will be the longest piece of the workout but should take under 4 minutes to complete. Lastly, the bar muscle ups are designed to be performed in under 2 minutes at the most. In terms of capacity here, to go for 10 we need to be able to perform all 10 reps in that time frame, they can be broken any way, but we have to be able to get right back on the bar, meaning we should be resting less than 10 second between reps if we are performing singles today.

Rachel Binette