Saturday, September 7 2019



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SWEAT with Coach Abby! Starts Monday, September 9th!
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Overtime (pre-WOD)
In 10 Minutes w/a partner:
Build to a heavy 3 Hang power clean

- This is not supposed to be a 3 rep max, just something about 40-50lbs over your game weight so that the game weight feels light.

- The focus is quality of movement under a heavier load

"Pull Away"

4 Rounds for time:
24/18 calorie Row
12 Hang power clean (165lbs/115lbs)

Coaches’ Note: Shorter pulling workout on tap today. These are competing movements in the row and hang power clean, but one is loaded and one is not, so we still should be able to go pretty fast in this. Our grip is what will go before anything else! The row should be taking less than :90 to complete and the 12 hang power cleans should be a load we could complete unbroken for the first two rounds, but break into either 2 or 3 quick sets on rounds 3 and 4. Total time spent on the clean should be under :90 regardless of our loading. Happy Weekend!

Rachel Binette