Tuesday, September 10 2019



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Sunday, September 29 - Mindset Rx’d Seminar with Coach Rachel
Want to learn how to take your gym performance to the next level? Learn how to improve confidence, set more effective goals, and gain consistency in the gym!


OCTOBER - Barbell Betties is BACK!
Two great options available for ladies who want to get STRONG together!


2 Rounds for time:
1,000 meter row
50 Plate good mornings (35lbs/25lbs)
80 Double unders
40 Air Squats

Overtime (post-WOD)
2 attempts at Max double unders
- If we are still working towards doubles, max single unders

Coaches’ Note: Monostructural metabolic conditioning (cardio) and gymnastics movements paired up for today's 2 round effort. Our 1000 meter row should take under 4:30 to complete. The 50 plate good mornings should be something we can complete unbroken in around 1 minute. For double unders, we should be completing our total number of repetitions in under 90 seconds and same thing goes for our air squats. Continuous movement is the goal today!!

Rachel Binette