Many individuals are intimidated by the gym and not sure if they can do it.

Through ability appropriate training and specific instruction, members of the Vitality Program feel comfortable, included, and part of the community.

Members gain confidence, feel great, look even better and have longterm health and fitness benefits. 

Our Next Program Is
June 25th to August 1st.

Tuesdays and Thursdays (10:15am-11:00am)

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Meet Marianne, coach of the Vitality Program. She's had an amazing life change from working out here (like less arthritis pain, improved movement and core strength) and is excited to help and lead others to rediscover their own abilities.

As the saying goes "if you don't use it, you lose it" and that applies to daily life abilities like sitting down and standing up, picking up the laundry basket and getting up off the floor. 

In the vitality program we work on increasing functional fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular health. In addition, this program focuses on increasing bone density and muscle mass. You'll feel strong, in control of your body and confident in your life abilities.

Prerequisites: Open to any older adult who wants to exercise in a fun, safe and inclusive manner. No prior experience necessary


Build muscular strength and integrity

Increase and maintain bone density

Improve cardiovascular function

Improve balance, coordination, mobility

Reduce risk of falling (and be more resilient if you do)

Maintain independence and improve quality of life 

Train with a supportive community of your peers