Change your Habits, Change You


"Discipline may be a challenge but it's nothing compared to the pain of regret."
Habit,  [hab-it], noun

'An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary'

We make hundreds of these involuntary decisions every day. From brushing our teeth in the morning, to putting on our seat belt in the car and maybe you know this one, grabbing that night time snack when you sit down for the night to relax.  

Do your daily habits help or hinder you? If you want something to change, and for it to last, change your habits. 

Let's get the most out of this and create long term success by doing an exercise. 

1. Write down what your life is like right now and what the situation is that you're in pertaining to your nutrition. What exactly is the situation and reason you're not happy with it? Write the truth. Write how it is. For example, "I have low energy, feel heavy and feel like I need to lose 20 lbs."

2. Be honest with yourself. What are the habits and rituals you have done that have "put" you in this situation? There's something you're doing, maybe not one big thing, maybe a few smaller things, that get you into a state of overwhelm or bring you to a spot of your routine, ritual and habit. 

3. Write down what you want! What's your vision for yourself? Be specific! "I want to feel energized, healthy, and look great. I want to be lean and capable!" 

4. What are the rituals, situations and habits that will get you there? What would you do? Make a list. 

5. Pick ONE of those habits, the one that will have the most effect, and start doing it. 

6. Right now, picture yourself doing that habit and already having success from it. What does it FEEL like? Are you looking better? Feeling better? Happier? Does that make you proud? Excited? Pumped up? Feel that feeling and AMPLIFY IT! Get to a level 10 of that feeling, then TRAP IT! Remember that feeling. Let it become part of you.

Most likely, your new habit it's not a big thing. It's actually a SIMPLE thing, but may seem difficult. Start doing it, today. Not next Monday or next year. Now. The quicker you start the faster you gain momentum and it's going to feel easy to do.

Next time we'll look at how to help solidify your habits by making success easy and convenient and removing temptation.

*We work with clients remotely, you do not have to be at our facility to follow our program. If you want to lose weight, no matter where you're located we can work with you.