Make Success Convenient - Shopping and Stocking


You've already taken a look at your habits and found some new ones to develop.

With some simple and easy changes to the way you shop, where you put things in your kitchen and the way you think about food, you can reinforce those new habits and make them become routine, quickly.  

Here's some of our recommendations. It should go without saying, that ideas and plans are nothing until put into action. Go and start DOING!

  • Practice mindful eating by unplugging while you eat and make mealtime a screen-free zone.
  • Practice mindful eating by putting your fork and knife down at last 3 times during your meal for at least 30 seconds each time. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the tastes, and FEEL full. 
  • Eliminate temptation by not buying your trigger foods. 
  • Use smaller plates, cups and bowls. We eat with our eyes first. Put the same amount of food on a small plate vs a big plate, you'll feel like you have more.
  • Remove 'easy snacking' items like candy dishes, bowls of mixed nuts or other foods that will lead to mindless eating.
  • Out of sight out of mind. Put snack food in less accessible containers and away in your pantry instead of on the counter top. 
  • Clear up your counters to make cooking easier and more enjoyable and so you're not always staring at food.
  • Always have a few meal components pre-made and ready to go, to make putting together a balanced meal easy. (Cooked chicken/turkey, roasted vegetables, cooked rice.)
  • If you're unable to cook, go to the store and buy enough from the hot or cold bar so that you have food available and ready easily. (Same foods as listed above). 
  • Buy lean protein sources, veggies, whole grains and fruits. Have your kitchen stocked.
  • Avoid foods that test you. Leave the foods at the store that you know cause you to go off track. It's a lot easier walking by them and saying no before you buy it than when you're craving it at home.

Take a minute to look around your kitchen and house to see if there are any immediate changes you can make that will help you NOW. 

Check out our must have grocery list and informational guide for what food is what and what you should buy.

*We work with clients remotely, you do not have to be at our facility to follow our program. If you want to lose weight, no matter where you're located we can work with you.