What is it?
Additional training to be done before or after the daily WOD.
There are 3 focus paths - strength, gymnastics and cardio/endurance.
Each focus path follows it's own cycle and program geared towards peaking performance for the CrossFit Opens. 

Should I do all of the extra work?
To get the most out of the Daily Challenge, prioritize intensity over volume.
You do not ned to do all focus areas every day. Decide which focus to follow based off of your biggest area of weakness. If you have time to do other focus', you of course can but ask yourself if you're doing more work for the sake of doing more or bringing your best to each focus.
When will the extra programming be?
Five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday) there will be additional programming, the Daily Challenge.

How much extra work is it?
Expect to spend 10-25 minutes depending on the day. Some skill practice will be able to be done more quickly where additional lifting may take more time.

What does it cost?
Nothing! If you have an All Access Membership, you can do the Daily Challenge! Don't have it but want to upgrade? Contact us!

Who can do the extra work?
Anyone can. Use your goals as a guide. If you’re interested, but not sure if you should send us an email and we’ll help you decide if you should.

Will I be coached during the time I do the Daily Challenge?
Coaches will be coaching class and watching to make sure nothing is unsafe and supervising however it is not coached programming as much as the class is.