Seated Box Jump

The Seated box jump developed explosive power. It is essential that the main point of the exercise - to be explosive jumping and create massive force into the ground producing a jump - is kept and honored not the challenge to jump onto higher boxes. Jumping onto higher boxes is a byproduct of you being explosive not squatting low to jump. 

Main Points
In the video, notice the slight roll forward leading into the jump. This is NOT a full momentum roll into the jump, this is minimal. Do not add a big momentum roll forward to get onto a higher box. 

When you jump off the ground, push off of the ground (not stop your feet) to create vertical movement. 

Be explosive, be trying to get full hip extension through the jump to bring you up onto the box. 

Difficulty and Equipment
This is not an absolute scale, but in terms of progressing in ability here's how you should be progressing:

  1. Unweighted, sitting on a box where when your feet are on the ground and you're sitting, your thighs are parallel to the ground. Jump onto a box that is low and you're 100% easily going to get up on top of it. 
  2. Raise the height of the box that you're jumping onto as your ability develops. (Novice/Intermediate) 
  3. Hold light weights in either hand. (Intermediate/Well Practiced)

Progress in height of the box you're jumping on before moving onto another difficulty level. How high should you be able to jump before moving on? That's not a black and white answer. This is based off of your speed and explosiveness which takes time to develop. 

When it's easier to jump onto the same height box, then try a slightly higher box. This will be based off of feel and explosive technique.