Dan P. - Masters Athlete Completing His 2nd CrossFit Open

My experience this year during the CrossFit Open was even better than last year! I paid much more attention to proper pacing and breath control. I think it paid off since I saw a 42 rep increase in 17.4 over 16.4!  I didn’t realize it until I got home that night and checked my log for 16.4. I checked it twice to make sure I didn’t mix up the dates and/or workouts. Pretty cool stuff. Sometimes you don’t know the progress you’ve made until you compare and see the results. That’s why I try to record as many workouts as possible in my CrossFit log book.  I like seeing progress being made! Also, I thought the camaraderie during the Intramurals was great. There was a lot of  encouragement and enthusiasm amongst the teams. Definitely adds to the community aspect of CrossFit at CFCL.

Overall, in my division, I tied for 11th in the state of Massachusetts. I was 2 points away from 9th. In the Northeast Region, I placed 38th.

Going forward I want to pay more attention to my macros. I’m bought into the connection between diet and performance, however, hitting my macros on a regular basis has been a challenge for me. I also want to manage any negative “self talk”.  Results don’t always come as quickly as I’d like and patience isn’t always a virtue of mine. However, the Coaches at CFCL do an excellent job of encouraging without judging and that helps a great deal. I’d also like to compete a little more often during the year and finish in the top 10 in my group at next year’s Open.

Coach Dan